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Agence Opera Events 

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C O N T A C T 


MISSA SOLEMNIS pro die acclamationis Johannis VI de Sigusmund NEUKOMM 

sous la direction de Jean-Claude Malgoire La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy.  

Label K617 - mars 2009. 

     A C T U  /  C O M I N G   S O O N 

Now, Opera 3.0 will come back again! 

Our new version is almost ready!  

Work in progress 

Shooting in progress for our next teaser and we have a real treat for you. 

m a r c h  3, 4 

With some of my dear colleagues in Festival's Meyrueis. 

R E C O R D I N G 

É g l i s e   d e   V e i g y - F o n c e n e x 

F R - 7 4 1 4 0 

Opera 3.0 on stage 

© Elsa Ochoa 

© Amandine Crochet 

© Amandine Crochet 

This is a very difficult time but we continue to work and we cross fingers for our upcoming performances.